Dalian jinbaiwei Group Co., Ltd. is a diversified, large-scale, modern and full industrial chain comprehensive group company established by jinbaiwei Food Co., Ltd., jinbaiwei noodle Co., Ltd. and jinbaide Plastic Color Printing Co., Ltd. Founded in August 2004, the group covers an area of more than 50000 square meters and a building area of more than 30000 square meters. It is located in xinzhaizi Industrial Park, Ganjingzi District, Dalian city.

Jinbaiwei always takes "safety, health, delicacy and nutrition" as the eternal principle standard and goal of product production. From the credit evaluation of raw material suppliers to the incoming inspection of raw materials, from the strict management of production links to the inspection of product terminals, Kimberly has achieved the prudence and strict control of the environment. So far, the group has more than 100 kinds of series products, such as meat products, leisure food, conditioning food, fresh wet noodles, convenience food, seafood food, compound seasoning, plastic color printing compound packaging film, bag packaging, etc.
The group has a scientific and technological R & D team, a professional and enterprising research and development team, a food and nutrition research network, and strategic cooperation with a number of educational and scientific research institutions. At the same time, it constantly introduces advanced technology and production equipment from Germany, Japan, South Korea and other advanced countries in the world, so that its products are always at the forefront of the domestic industry.
With the development of science and technology in the world and the application and promotion of advanced network technology, data marketing mode came into being. At present, its product marketing network has covered the whole country. The low-temperature meat products in the leading products have ranked among the top three in Northeast China. The Japanese thermal insulation wet noodles are exported to many countries and regions such as Asia, Europe and the United States, forming long-term and stable business cooperation with many of the world's top 100 enterprises. So far, with the joint and unremitting efforts of all members of the group, jinbaiwei has won many honors such as "China's top 500 small and medium-sized enterprises in innovation", "China's Silver Award for innovative products of light industrial commodities", "consumer favorite food brand" and "leading agricultural industrialization enterprise" at the municipal level, and has obtained many export record license qualifications and multiple system certifications.
Jinbaiwei is not only a producer of safe, healthy, delicious and nutritious food, but also a soul shaping enterprise with quality and conscience. Safety, health and responsibility are always the ultimate concern and historical mission pursued by jinbaiwei. Since its establishment, through the self refining and sublimation of jinbaiwei people, with health as the main purpose, safety as the bottom line, virtue as the foundation, and hard work, its excellent products have been continuously renowned all over the country and well-known overseas.
It has become the best choice for people to pursue safety, happiness, delicacy and health.
In the pursuit of beauty and happiness on the road, there will always be jinbaiwei heart guard and accompany you!
We warmly welcome friends from home and abroad to visit, exchange, cooperate, win-win and create a better tomorrow together!

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