Warmly celebrate the heart to heart art troupe's entering into the jinbaiwei art show
In the seventies of Chinese autumn, mountains and rivers are shining brightly in Shenzhou. On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the people's Republic of China, I would like to thank Dalian Federation of trade unions, Ganjingzi District Federation of trade unions, xinzhaizi Street Federation of trade unions, and Dalian xinlianxin Art Troupe for coming to jinbaiwei, bringing this impressive audio-visual feast to more than 300 front-line employees.
Heart to heart Art Troupe performs wonderful moments
The opening dance "song of the new era" opened the curtain of the party, followed by male and female solo, crosstalk, magic, saxophone solo and other programs, presenting a wonderful and impressive visual feast for the group's employees.
The crosstalk segment "songs and laughs" attracted the audience's continuous laughter and applause through funny lines and exaggerated stage actions;
The songs "cattle at dusk", "this sea has me", "follow you", "the rising sun on the prairie", "variations of Maila" and "singing in the west", etc., sing the aspirations of the masses of the people who love the motherland and yearn for a happy and happy life;
The magic "colorful" also attracts the audience's attention. It combines dance action and happy music, making people dazzled and amazed.
Dance "romantic riverside", saxophone solo "I loved you / Star" and other programs were staged one by one, with wonderful interaction on and off the stage, audience applause and laughter.
The whole performance was successfully concluded in the song "my country and I".
Thank Dalian Federation of trade unions xinlianxin Art Troupe for its exquisite performance. The performance style is close to the masses of workers and is deeply loved and praised by the majority of workers.
70 years, extraordinary years,
70 years, brilliant course.
Thanks for the new era, youth just comes. In the wave of reform and opening up, jinbaiwei will live up to its mission, forge ahead, and contribute to the prosperity of the great motherland!

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